My wife and I were preparing to depart Miami Executive Airport (KTMB) on an instrument flight plan. The weather was visual flight rules (VFR), but looking iffy. As I was preparing to contact clearance delivery, the tower comes on the frequency and says, “The field is now IFR all VFR pilots say intentions.” This is the start of a very honest dialog. The pilot must be accurate, brief and clear in what she now plans to do. Air Traffic Control (ATC), for their part, only has a few options for the pilot. In fact, a couple of the options cannot be offered to the pilot, as the pilot must request them on their own, illustrating knowledge of the rules.

I love when people communicate honestly and state their intentions and goals. It is so hard to do in tCirrus at Lakefrontoday’s short attention span theater, but try we should I think. I will here, and I will also clearly state when I’m in opinion mode.

Oh, and I am interested in quite a few things, so topics are going to be pretty varied.

In my career I have:

  • Analyzed communication networks
  • Learned to break cryptographic systems
  • Oversaw collections at the famous 6903rd Skivvy-Nine intelligence unit
  • Was part of a team that launched and maintained National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) satellites
  • Designed systems for satellite command and control
  • Built networks for law firms
  • Founded and led a software as a service (SaaS) company
  • Became recognized as an expert in project management
  • Learned to fly
  • Earned my pilot instrument rating, and on the way learned a ton about weather
  • Made wine and learned to cook from a pro

My mom says my love of science makes me a poor light conversationalist, and sadly I must agree. However, in science I trust. Did I tell you about the thoughts I have on a science based political party…